WEA in the News

A report on the 2011 East African Women and Water Training in the Earth Island Journal

Co-Director Amira Diamond speaks with Pat Lynch about Women's Earth Alliance and our India Program

India Program Director Rucha Chitnis, former Africa Program Director Maame Yelbert-Obeng and Global Women's Water Initiative Director Gemma Bulos interviewed on National Radio Project: Women Rising

Water Woes: Women Fetch the World's Water

Changing the Channel From Fear: When Women Face the Music, We All Get to Sing: Women's Earth Alliance in the Huffington Post!

Seeds and Their Keepers are Key to Preserving India's Food Diversity - India Program Director Rucha Chitnis in the Earth Island Journal blog, the Environmentalist

Co-Directors Amira Diamond and Melinda Kramer interviewed at the 2011 Conscious Partnering Conference

North America Program Director Caitlin Sislin in Ms. Magazine

WEA Founder and Co-Director Melinda Kramer featured in Hindustan Times

Rucha Chitnis interviewed in Amar Ujjala, an Uttarr Pradesh based newspaper

WEA Founder Melinda Kramer in Women's Health Magazine!

Honoring the Earth on Mother's Day and Everyday: North America Program Director Caitlin Sislin writes for the care2 blog

Women's Earth Alliance: Watering the Grassroots:Training
African Women to Solve Water Problems

EcoCentric Blog: Our Hero: Melinda Kramer

Triple Pundit: WEA-Three Strategies for Growing a Successful Social Enterprise

Rex Foundation: Food for Thought- Women's Earth Alliance

Care2: A Mother's Day Call to Protect the Earth

See Jane Do: Extraordinary Jane: Melinda Kramer Celebrates Women and Water

Have Fun Do Good: Co-Directors Melinda Kramer and Amira Diamond

Earth Island Journal: When Women Thrive, Communities Thrive

Women's Health Magazine: The (Real) American Idols: Women who are Changing the Earth

PulseWire Magazine: On the Front lines with Melinda Kramer

Bioneers: Women Rising Globally

Worldchanging: Bright Green. Interview with Melinda Kramer

WomensRadio.com: The Growing, Global, Green Women's Movement”

Global Dialogue Center: Coming Together, Changing the World...Celebrating 30 Visionary Women... 

Grist Magazine: Wonder Women: Melinda Kramer, advocate for grassroots women activists, answers Grist's questions

SF Gate: “GREEN: We Can Do It: When it comes to the environment, women lead the way”
"I have been waiting for this network for many years, because I believe that the messages and work of women are going to change the current state of the planet."
-Teresa Flores, Bolivian Alliance for Sustainable Development (La Paz, Bolivia)
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