Below are some insightful papers, articles and commentaries related to issues of gender, climate change and food security in India and beyond.

Photo Credit: South Asia Program Director, Rucha Chitnis

Global Food Crisis & Food Security

Gender & Climate Change

Gender & Agriculture

Focus: India

Food Security

Farmer Suicides

Land Grabs

Gender & Climate Change

GM crops & Seed Control

Resource Guides & Tool Kits

"The wisdom of the world is always with us. That it has been ignored by governments, business and religions is evident in every sphere of human endeavor. The world needs leadership in the fundamental and truest sense of the word, and the guidance we need surrounds us. With humility and prayer I believe that it is time for all of us to seek the intelligence and heart of women-WEA is doing this precious work. Humanity does not have much more time and we need to listen."
-Paul Hawken
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