“Long before I ever heard the word ‘environmental,’ I understood sacredness, interdependence, and my responsibility to preserve and maintain balance on the Earth.”
-Elouise Brown, Dine Woman and President of Dooda Desert Rock Initiative

WEA's advocacy work launched in 2008 in response to our initiative partners affirming the need for an advocacy resource to support grassroots, Indigenous-led environmental campaigns. We formed the Advocacy Network of advocates representing a range of legal, policy and business expertise, and experience in environmental justice and human rights work.

Through this Advocacy Network, WEA facilitated pro bono collaborations between legal advocates and community-based Indigenous women leaders who were organizing to address environmental degradation, land and resource exploitation, and climate change.  Currently WEA engages this network for specific research and advocacy initiatives. Learn more about the Advocacy Network and our current Advocacy initiative, Shedding Light on Environmental Violence.

"Women at the grassroots level are on the global frontlines of the inner and outer changes we need to make to ensure the survival and flourishing of human and natural communities into the future. "
-Libby Roderick
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